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Notes from Down Under, part the fourth (and final) Sydney, Australia: Remembrance Day All good trips must come to an end. And so in a few short hours I will fly from springtime in Sydney to the brooding gloom of London. Yeah. (At this point the author pauses for a brief interlude of uncontrollable weeping, wailing, kicking, screaming, gnashing of teeth, wearing of sackcloth and ashes, and a Richter 9.5 fists-beating-on-the-floor tantrum.) Ahem. As I was saying. Right. Leaving Australia. Going to England. (Repeat above interlude. Calm is only restored by a tag-team combination of trauma counsellors, Zen masters, and powerful antidepressants.) At least I'm leaving on a high note. Yesterday I went out for a day of canyoning in the Blue Mountains, which was all kinds of fun. The day kicked off with a fifty-foot cliffjump into water, followed by donning a wetsuit and going crosscountry down a steep river ravine so narrow it nearly turned into a spelunking expedition. The water was abs