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the view from serendip

Spacey mood right now. Have dispatched stealth robot death ninjas postcards to all appropriate addresses. Had to scramble to beat Colombo-post-office-closure so don't expect a whole lot of verbiage. Wandering around Mumbai today, I kept passing places with elaborate wrought-iron gates and Devanagari-script banners above - temples? don't think so, Hindu temples tend to be a lot more colourful and decorated - which, on the banners, featured very large scarlet Om symbols next to very large scarlet swastikas. Talk about your semiotic dissonance. (I was going to insert a picture of each into this post, to let you experience it yourself, but, um, context being king and all, maybe not such a good idea.) Was reading my Rough Guide India today, in prep for exchanging it tomorrow, and came upon the fact that there are still uncontacted 1 tribes in the Andaman Islands, as in the Peruvian jungle. I'm weirdly fascinated by this notion, that there are people right now, in this satel