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Levantine pix

A few highlights: Brief British stopover. Grand mosque, Beirut. Love, Beirut-style. The Corniche, Beirut. Downtown. In the suburbs where Hezbollah reigns. Somewhere over Syria. I think that conurbation might be Homs. The road into Petra is kind of ridiculous. I mean, really. Its entrance is famously cinematic. Guides wait for customers. City carved from stone. The monastery. The road out. Wadi Rum. My standard photo pose. My not-so-standard photo pose. Khaled, my Bedouin guide. Random camels. Wadi Rum is ridiculously gorgeous, in that stark bleak desert way. "We've taken Aqaba." Old city, Jerusalem. Golden Dome and Western Wall. Orthodox chillin'. Muslims only beyond this point. The Mount of Olives. Apparently this is the real deal. Don't forget the struggle. Checkpoint 300. Dead Sea blues. Illicit photo of licit mummy. Pyramid golf. I don't even like camels. Um. Look, it's a long story, OK? Last-day-in-the-country blues. Full set here .