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crimeline timeline

Since I have a rather personal interest in the Vertigo Crime line, I went out to look for a list of all its extant and forthcoming books: but to my surprise, no such list existed. (Vertigo Crime doesn't even have its own subpage on the Vertigo web site yet, oddly.) So here's what repeated Googling taught me, recorded so that you don't have to repeat my slightly tedious research. Click on a cover to go to a book's Amazon page, if one exists. Title Cover Release Date Author/Artist Notes Dark Entries August 25, 2009 Ian Rankin / Werther dell'Edera Rankin is one of the world's foremost mystery authors. Filthy Rich August 25, 2009 Brian Azzarello / Victor Santos Filthy Rich hit the New York Times bestseller list. Luna Park November 17, 2009 Kevin Baker / Danijel Zezelj This looks awesome. Also, Grand Theft Auto IV -esque. The Chill January 12, 2010 Jason Starr / Mick Bertilorenzi A supernatural sexual serial killer. Bronx Kill March 9, 2010 Peter Milligan / James