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my saga

I've been doing some writing: my rather contentious latest Maisonneuve column, What's Wrong With Africa , and my debut Wired UK blog post, From Dragons To Smartphones . I've been doing some programming, and the BBC (among others) has a nice writeup of the project I'm working on . I've also been doing some travelling, in Iceland, which is a good place to contemplate the infernal: See, they even provide a bench. Mine very own Icelandic saga: Two days ago I travelled through flickers of sunlight to the site of the world's oldest parliament as told in the sagas. (The history/folk tales that all Icelanders know. Their language has changed so little that they can still read the sagas in the original. I haven't read any, myself - though I am eyeing the collected English-language version sold in all the bookstores here - but I get the distinct impression from my Lonely Planet that the Iceland of the sagas was an extremely bloody place, and that appearing in one pr