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south of the border

By far the most exciting event that almost happened on this road trip was my Jessica Simpson moment in Tijuana. ( context for non-North-American readers.) I went into McDonald's, continuing my policy of dining in as many of their international branches as possible. Hoping to find another country-specific delicacy like Japan's Egg Teriyaki McBurger or India's Maharajah Mac, I ordered the most incomprehensible item on the menu, the McPechugo. The girl behind the counter somatically indicated that it would take a little while. I nodded and moved to the side. Picking at my French fries, it occurred to me that in French, a language which is at least a cousin of Spanish, "peche" means "fish". I came to the shocking conclusion that for the first time ever, in all my hundreds of McD's dining experiences in over a dozen countries, I had ordered a Filet-O-Fish. I decided to let the order stand; ordering such in Tijuana seemed somehow fitting, and also a good