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The Executor by Jon Evans. _Jon_.

This here looks suspiciously like a cover: I think I really like it. I also think I like that it's coming out in hardcover. (I was expecting paperback.) But I do not like their innovative spelling of my name . Sigh. Ah well. At least they got it right on the actual cover, and they do generally (though not always) fix this sort of thing before the actual publication date. eta: aha, it's on as well as those .ca sites above. Go forth and pre-order your little hearts out! Meanwhile, I intend to commence the rewrite-to-editorial-order of Beasts of New York next week. (Reductive surgery, but otherwise no major changes.) Oh, and Invisible Armies hardcovers are on sale from, for a presumably limited time, for the bargain price of $4.46 . ( etaa: said price has now skyrocketed back to $19.96. If you snoozed, you losed!)

squirrels on parade

I am pleased to announce that Beasts of New York , my epic Homeric-quest fantasy novel about a squirrel in Central Park, which I released online under a Creative Commons license a couple of years ago, will be published onpaper next year by The Porcupine's Quill , a very cool Canadian literary press whose founders were recently awarded the Order of Canada for their "important and enduring contribution to Canadian literature." BoNY has been doing well online, too; it's been downloaded a respectable 6,000 times from Feedbooks and Manybooks (with no publicity whatsoever save for word-of-mouth - it wasn't even me who put it up on either site) and has, to my surprise, become my most-popular and highest-rated book on Goodreads .