squirrels on parade

I am pleased to announce that Beasts of New York, my epic Homeric-quest fantasy novel about a squirrel in Central Park, which I released online under a Creative Commons license a couple of years ago, will be published onpaper next year by The Porcupine's Quill, a very cool Canadian literary press whose founders were recently awarded the Order of Canada for their "important and enduring contribution to Canadian literature."

BoNY has been doing well online, too; it's been downloaded a respectable 6,000 times from Feedbooks and Manybooks (with no publicity whatsoever save for word-of-mouth - it wasn't even me who put it up on either site) and has, to my surprise, become my most-popular and highest-rated book on Goodreads.


mwmcclintock said…
That's excellent news! Congratulations.
Finn Harvor said…
Yep, congrats on this. Interesting to see how online lit culture is evolving.
Rakie said…
it's about time. :D

srsly tho, major congrats! looking forward to the squirrelly goodness.
Unknown said…
ive seriously been looking everywhere for this book.. i read half of it on my brothers droid & figured i could just go get it. i definitely cant wait for it to come out. i will def be one of the first to own it :)

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