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book four, no fear

I just sent the first (OK, third, but first for public consumption) draft of my fourth novel, set in Africa and very tentatively titled Absolute Darkness , off to my UK agent and publisher. Sure hope they like it. As always at this stage I have lost all perspective and have no idea whether they will or not. But enough about work. Let's talk about the important stuff: the World Cup quarterfinals. Argentina-Germany : This should be a good game - the hosts, who have rampaged over all opposition, against a team so classy and dangerous it leaves Carlos Tevez and Lionel Messi on the bench. The teams have similar records here, having both scored ten goals and conceded four. But don't let that fool you into thinking they're evenly matched. Germany did this against Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador, and a Swedish team that failed to score against Trinidad and Tobago; Argentina has played Holland, Mexico, and a bloody good Cote d'Ivoire team. Despite Germany's home advantage I'

Conquering the south, take three

Just a quick and cheerful note: I've accepted an offer from St. Martin's Press , one of the largest publishers in America, for the US rights to Invisible Armies . They will probably publish it in hardcover in spring 2007.