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Three great nations divided by a common language

This is kinda funny, if you ask me, which I'm claiming you just implicitly did by clicking on whatever link brought you here: Canadian cover of my latest opus. UK cover. Much the same, except wordier. US cover. Subtlety? We ain't got no subtlety. We don't need no subtlety. I don't have to show you no steenking subtlety! (Don't get me wrong. I do like it, in an airbrushed way. But it's funny.)

Dribs, drabs, this, that

Because I know you all just can't get enough: there's an interview with me up at I'm pleased to note that this time 'round I sound hardly at all like a eedjit (except maybe for "as much as his wandering spirit will allow.") Speaking of wandering spirits, I note to my amusement that even though most of my Flickr pictures are of various exotic faraway places, my two most-viewed shots are of Los Angeles and Montreal: Good news: my UK publisher is reprinting Invisible Armies 's export paperback. (These are the paperbacks sold in English-language bookstores in the rest of Europe, Africa, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, etc.) Including Australian and New Zealand trade paperbacks, that makes a total of 20,000 copies in print from my UK publisher for non-UK territories. Also, the UK large-print rights for IA got auctioned off for considerably more than I expected. Both data points seem to bode well for August's official UK paperback rel