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Deutschland strikes back

My favourite Google-translated bits from a bunch of German reviews of Blood Price . There are clearly still a few bugs in the system: -- A Menschenschmuggler is found fast, but that does not want money, but Pauls of programming skills. Paul is carried forward to Albania and programs him a Website [...] The Cover is black-red. On the title page above titles and name of the author stand in large type characters. Among them are the picture of an enormous building and the outlines of humans, who burn both. This thriller from the view of the unemployed person of programmer and inspired of baking packman Paul is written. Its unemployment rests heavily on it and its relationship with the Bosnierin Talena into a deep crisis led. When the two decide to help Talenas sister it must pull itself on its own tuft from the sump and take responsibility. It goes through scarcely 500 sides an unbelievable development within that. It remains reliable nevertheless and a outstanding identity figure. The cir