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2007 and still no flying cars.

1. Like a wimp snowbird, I have fled the Canadian winter and moved to Santa Monica 1 'til the end of April. I do like it here. Everything needful is walking distance; you can spend whole days without entering a car, as I did yesterday, which is pretty amazing for LA. We're smack on the border of appealingly seedy Venice, a five-minute walk from the beach - indeed, we can see the shining Pacific from the street outside our complex - and very near both my favourite gym and my favourite office . I will be spending the time frantically rewriting Book Four (the Africa book, very tentatively titled The Teratologist ) from scratch, working on the DC project, and maybe flogging my most recently written screenplays. 1 basically the beachfront outpost of Los Angeles, for those of you unfamiliar with America's West Coast. 2. Release schedules: the US hardcover , Canadian mass-market paperback , and UK paperback of Book Three ( Invisible Armies ) will be coming out in June, July