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news, reviews, and other abuse

Well, actually, this time 'round it's really just reviews, for The Executor : " The Executor is full of evil surprises... Writer Jon Evans ( Dark Places ) is savvy enough to know he must add sufficiently engaging twists on a well-worn path, and does. And Italian artist Andrea Mutti ( Nathan Never ) is amazingly accomplished." —  Scripps News "Andrea Mutti's use of shadows and ability to really get the most out of the black and white is amazing... Evans has some wonderful characters in this story and the way he weaves in and out of various threads of the plot eventually bringing them all together is almost magic. The ending is bittersweet and yet perfect. Evans has raised the bar for this group of books from Vertigo." —  Crimespree Magazine "Evans' story is unsettling, laying bare the inhumanity, the anger and the violence that can ruin even the best. The plot is fast-paced and filled with physical action... and if the ending isn't a storybo