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I got yer blurbs right here

The Executor 's blurbage is in, and: "Jon Evans and Andrea Mutti deliver a neat little package about big dirty secrets. This book lingers." —  Brian Azzarello , New York Times best-selling author of FILTHY RICH and JOKER. "A razor-sharp journey into a forgotten town, where the heroes have given up, and all that is left are the broken, and the corrupt. Reminiscent of David Peace's Red Riding Quartet, Evans' prose and Mutti's spare, haunting artwork make THE EXECUTOR impossible to put down." —  Sarah Langan , Bram Stoker Award-winning author of THE KEEPER, THE MISSING, and AUDREY'S DOOR. "In THE EXECUTOR, Jon Evans and Andrea Mutti have taken many of the time-honored tropes of the Roman Noir--a fallen hero, a lost love, deeply buried secrets--and run with them in a direction that is constantly surprising and refreshing." —  Howard Chaykin , influential writer and artist of AMERICAN FLAGG!, BLACK KISS, BLACKHAWK, and AMERICAN CENTUR