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It is with heavy heart that I admit that this terrible time has come

I have brooded, of late. I have lain awake and pondered. I have constructed lists of pros and cons. I have considered my past and my future. I have wondered what I stand for, what I believe, what it all means . And I have come to a momentous decision. The same decision that many of my friends have made, over the years. Again and again I chose not to follow them: but it seems clear to me now that the long-dreaded time has finally come. Some may see my choice as elitist, a clear signal that I am no longer one with the people 1 . Some may even take it as a personal betrayal. But that's a chance I have to take. I would like it to be known that I will understand if you choose to turn away from me in response to what I now must do. No hard feelings. I won't judge. Indeed, part of me will even sympathize. Some may wonder what I will do with my right middle finger, and the outer edge of my right thumb. I must admit that it is this which weighs most heavily on my mind. Once, when I foll

feast your retinas

Meanwhile, I've been noodling around with my Flickr account, and created a new and highly idiosyncratic Top 10 set. ('Cause really, I can't expect anyone to go through my 76 supercool shots, much less the 300+ prettycool ones.) Said ten being these (click to see larger versions):