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Squirrel around the corner

For a technically-as-yet-unpublished book, Beasts of New York sure has a lot of reader reviews: seventeen on GoodReads , sixteen on Feedbooks , five on the Web Fiction Guide , four on Manybooks , three on , and a few others scattered about. (There was a nice one from Pop Syndicate , too, but that site seems to have gone bust, alas. ) I think my favourite to date, though, is here : Greek Mythology is awesome. There are gods and heroes, epic battles that span the cosmos, and intensely human stories that reveal the truths of our deepest nature. But sometimes as you’re cruising through those fantastic tales of yore, you reach a point somewhere around the end of The Odyssey where you think, “You know what this story really needs? More squirrels.”

squirrels on parade, II

So Beasts of New York - which is now in galley form, and will be an Actual Book within weeks, I do believe - received a very nice review in ForeWord Reviews this month. If we were to play Pull Quotes, we would probably come up with something like: Fascinating ... humorous, horrifying ... artfully imagined and constructed ... gets at a lot of complex stuff without being heavy-handed .