I blog about developing-world technology at The Walrus, Canada's answer to The New Yorker, and science fiction at tor.com, the world's preeminent site for "science fiction, fantasy and related subjects." An index of my work at both:

World Fast Forward at The Walrus:

  1. Inaugural introduction.
  2. Colombia's Mobile Revolution - Banking with your phone is a bigger deal than you might think.
  3. Better Dying Through Chemistry - How to ruin entire nations and destroy untold millions of lives.
  4. The Donkey And The Ninja - No donkeys were harmed in the making of this post. But I cannot say the same about ninjas.
  5. A Man, A Plan, A Canal - How to run and ruin megaprojects.
  6. There's Gold In Them There Trees - How do you patent indigenous knowledge?
  7. Big Brother Is Watching Them. OK? - In which I reflect on having been mugged at gunpoint.
  8. One Laptop Per Child: What Went Wrong - Its fundamental problems are twofold: 1. It was a bad idea to begin with. 2. The XO laptop is a piece of crap.
  9. All Hail the Great Satan - Shooting down mosquitoes - with frikkin' lasers!
  10. How Google Unconquered the World - and how Apple squandered it, again.


  1. SF gems from the literary ghetto
  2. Magic realism: not fantasy. Sorry.
  3. Why Isn't Greg Egan A Superstar?
  4. Who Are These Fools, and Why Should You Care?
  5. Build A Better World, And The World Will Come To Your Door
  6. Neil Gaiman: I Don’t Get It
  7. Sitting Shiva For Sitka: Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union
  8. Time Travel Times Two: Jack Finney’s Time and Again
  9. The Buffet Effect


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