The Big Yellow Truck

The BYT warrants a description of its own.

20 tons, 1500L of fuel, 500L of water in jerry cans, two winches, tools and sand mats, wood compartment, three axles (two drive), four spare tires. PK, Shirray, and Mick drive up in the cab: we sit in the back. Communication via buzzer and intercom.

Seating's divided into three pairs of bus seats at the front and two long benches at the back, two steps between levels. Two big bins at the back hold safes and sleeping gear. Storage space behind webbing at the top, under the seats, and under front floorboards. Food & dry goods stored below rear floorboards. There's enough space to stand comfortably at the back.

Batteries (seperate from starter) power tape deck and lights for hours. Fridge runs only when engine does. Couple of other nooks and crannies for common storage. Garbage bin doubles as card table.

Dramatis Personae

* PK, New Zealand
* Shirray, Australia
* Mick, Australia
* Heidi, England
* Tony, England
* Sam, England
* Tim, England
* Amanda, Australia
* Andrea, Namibia/Germany
* Angela, Ireland
* Nick, England
* Gavin, England
* Brian, England
* Jo, New Zealand
* Pat, England
* Caz, England/Kenya/Morocco
* Naomi, England
* Mike, New Zealand
* Chong, England
* Wendy, England
* Jorge, Mexico
* Mattias, France
* (later) Alison, Scotland


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