I'll be spending the next few months living in Paris. Because, well, I could, and it's Paris.

I'm pleased to report that DP/TOTD has recently received a spate of excellent reviews from publications as august as The Times of London, as far-flung as Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, and as, um, capitol-of-Canada as the Ottawa Citizen.

Other reviews:

"A well-paced thriller with plenty of twists and some creepy moments that keep the pages turning." - Time Out London

"A compelling thriller about the mysterious deaths of travellers in Third World countries, committed, the lead character suspects, by other Westerners" - TNT Magazine

Chosen by Metro Today as one of their 'Top Summer Reads'.

"A sharp debut that never lets up on the tension, with a denouement that is both shocking and utterly right ... Jon Evans ... isn't about to develop into something special - he's already there." - January Magazine

"It's very, very good. If you are au fait with the lore and background of international backpacking, it's probably even better ... Will there be more? I certainly hope so." - The Globe & Mail

A reminder: DARK PLACES/TRAIL OF THE DEAD is shipping from Amazon.ca, Amazon.com. and Amazon.co.uk. Shop early, shop often.

I'm not sure when the Mystery Ink interview will run, nor, for that matter, how coherent I sounded in it. I'll let you know when I know the former; you can fill me in on the latter.


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