I'm in a place called Vertigo

I write to you from New York City, where I'm spending a week house/catsitting for a wayward songstress, writing and wandering the autumnal streets.

Various professional news:

The audiobook version of The Blood Price, read by Jeff Harding, is available for download. Go on, listen to the five-minute free sample. Also, Invisible Armies's US hardcover is finally up on Amazon.com, albeit in stub form. In honour of these things I have tweaked my web site.

IA's Canadian and UK mass-market paperbacks will also be coming out in 2007, in May and September respectively, along with Blood Price's German translation (probably), and Dark Places's Japanese translation (I think.) Publishing is a long and drawn-out process. Sometimes I like that. Sometimes no.

Meanwhile, I'm pleased to officially announce that DC/Vertigo and I have agreed in principle on me writing them a graphic novel tentatively titled THE EXECUTOR sometime soonish. This doesn't mean it's a done deal - the Vertigo editor (same guy who edits 100 BULLETS and Y: THE LAST MAN) and my agent still have to bash out terms and conditions that make both sides happy - but still, cool, huh?


Anonymous said…
Hi there.
I'm lovin' your book (Dark Places) and I'm not your typical mystery reader--not at all. I usually read literary fiction. I love the global element and the techie stuff. I am so glad to see that you are blazing ahead with lots of new tales!

I write also, for teens. Check out my site at www.catherinestine.com.

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