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Unknown said…
Re Trail of the Dead/Dark Places/whatever.

Imagine this reverse scenario. An Australian writes a book in which the hero is Australian, the victim is Australian and peppered throughout the book are stereotypical references to Canadians, one chapter is entitled Too Many Canadians, and lo and behold, surprise, surprise, the murderer is Canadian. I wonder what a Canadian picking up the book might think.

By the way, it was seven backpackers, not seventeen.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Regarding your latest TechCrunch article...

"I don’t mind that Bill Gates is a megazillionaire; he’s done a lot of really interesting and innovative stuff. I do mind that a lot of unworthy people rode his coattails to minizillionaire status, eg the inventor of Hungarian notation, probably the dumbest widely-promulgated idea in the history of the field."

Did you just call Charles Simonyi an unworthy coat-tail rider? Wow.
Unknown said…
Dear Jon,

"Invisible Armies" is highlighted today on eBookDaily.com:

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