Reasons to be cheerful

w00t1! My fourth (published) novel, The Night of Knives, aka "the Africa book," is officially On Sale today.

The official blurb:

Veronica Kelly has come to Africa to start her life over. Still reeling from her divorce, she is grateful when a handsome stranger invites her on an expedition to visit gorillas in Uganda 's wild Impenetrable Forest . But the trip goes desperately wrong when the group of tourists are captured by brutal gunmen, marched into the lawless Congo , and held for ransom.

Then one tourist is executed.

And then another.

Their abduction is only the first move in a deadly strategic game that may consume entire nations...

This is a small UK hardcover printing, so you'll probably only be able to find it online at et al and at specialty shops - the big paperback release will be in August. It's also on sale at Trade paperbacks should start appearing in the "overseas" markets ( Australia, NZ, South Africa, India, Singapore, HK, English bookstores in continental Europe, the occasional airport) sometime in January. I'll pass on details about American and Canadian publication and availability when they cohere.

In the meantime, shop early, shop often, shop again!

1The word of the year. Clearly they're behind the times - careful readers will remember a brief digression on such leetspeak in Invisible Armies.


Anonymous said…
Just managed to buy the last hardcover version available on - arrived and read this weekend. Another great read ... but sorta wish that you had either stayed with the OBL connection or went straight to the Zim theme (and killed off our good friend Bob) And is it really that easy to hack into a cell phone network?

But love your work - look forward to the next one!
Jitters said…
Why the hell is this book $40.00 in Canada? I love the idea of trade paperbacks. You get the same cover design at half the price. I mean, Jon is Canadian, his books are international best sellers, he's won at least one award here, and the publisher puts out the hardback at $40.
I just don't understand
Jon said…
And is it really that easy to hack into a cell phone network?

Yep, it really is that easy to hack a phone - assuming, as is the case in the book, you have access to the cellular provider's servers.

(Not a spoiler, don't worry.)
Jon said…
Oh, and JJ - the book's that expensive on because the copies for sale are the British edition (and everything is more expensive in Britain.) Night of Knives hasn't yet officially been published in Canada. said…
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