Free to a good home! Or even yours!

I am very pleased to announce that HarperCollins Canada, in conjunction with the paperback release of Invisible Armies, has released the entire book online, for free, until June 30th. (I've been pushing for this for quite some time now.) Tell your friends!

eta: hey, I think Invisible Armies just got the best book blurb ever, from none other than Bruce Sterling: People who aren't morons and like thriller novels ought to read this.

etaa: Shout-outs have also cropped up in The Globe & Mail, Quill & Quire, and - woot! - BoingBoing.


Finn Harvor said…
Congrats on this, Jon.
Michael Cardoza said…
I just finished Invisible Armies online; I'm planning on hitting a bookstore to buy your other books today. Thanks for the sample!

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