More EXECUTOR reviews

I'm just back from a month in Australia: you can check out pictures here and especially here.

In the meantime, there've been some more reviews of The Executor:

"DC Comics' Vertigo Crime strikes again with The Executor, and it is their biggest score yet ... the narrative takes off and never looks back until the final graphic panel ... compelling and emotionally crushing ... don't miss The Executor."
Pulp Serenade

"A classic yarn ... a tremendous accomplishment in this combination of medium and genre. It's the kind of compelling crime drama that had me eating out of its hand. I hope this isn't the last we see of Jon Evans in comics ... Artist Andrea Mutti offers some truly knockout visuals ... I've read most of the Vertigo Crime offerings, and The Executor is an easy favorite."
- Paul Montgomery, iFanboy

"Vertigo Crime delivers another pulpy treat ... Both writer and artist perform extremely well by keeping a page-turning pace ... you won't be disappointed." - Under the Radar

"Writer Jon Evans and artist Andrea Mutti practice classic comic-book storytelling ... mystery/noir with a modern twist ... a winner."
— The Alliance Review

"Italian artist Mutti's black and white art complements the bleak shades-of-dark-gray world Evans has created."
Publishers Weekly

"Writer Jon Evans laces his graphic novel debut with quick and functional character establishment and a plot that moves deftly, but not sloppily ... the work of Italian artist Andrea Mutti is instantly appealing ... a good read and one of the better inclusions of Vertigo Crime."
— Crave Online


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