Ahem, again

I have mixed emotions about this Comics Journal1 review, because in Part I the guy really slams the first few Vertigo Crime books2, and in this one he disses Andrea's awesome artwork; but he also uncorks this great line re The Executor:

Can’t Canadians ever think up any other vision of human tragedy than having one’s hockey career end in a freak injury?

which you have to admit is pretty funny.

Oh, yeah, and he also says

The Executor is the first in the series where a non-comics writer—in this case, Canadian crime novelist Jon Evans—pulls off a seriously good script. In fact, this is the most successful story produced in the series thus far [...] The Executor succeeds because it is a well-written and taut mystery that manages to engage far more deeply than one might expect with legacies of race and violence (and repression) [...] [a] hard, edgy and quite genuinely surprising script.

Which, y'know, sure beats getting hit in the knee with a baseball bat, at least from my POV.

1Which is apparently some kind of hard-hitting & critically respected comics-as-art magazine.

2I can't comment - I haven't read them - but I'd sure like to think that they're all pretty good.


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