It was 100% made up. Honest.

Wikileaks of some interest to those who have read my novel NIGHT OF KNIVES:

WikiLeaks cables reveal secret plan to push Mugabe out in Zimbabwe

American officials welcomed the idea, noting that it was "increasingly in circulation" in the capital, Harare, and "may not require outside intervention".

Washington requests biometric information for African leaders

2) Rebel and Militia Groups (SRCC)

-- Efforts by rebel or militia groups or non-state actors--especially entities such as the FDLR that contain Rwandans who participated in the 1994 genocide--to obtain control of or greater participation in national or local government; to obtain control of natural or financial resources; to integrate into the Congolese armed forces (FARDC) or to cooperate with the FARDC in the exploitation of economic resources.


6) Terrorism (TERR)

-- Individuals and organizations supporting international terrorism, including legitimate businesses and financial transactions, money laundering, drug trafficking, logistical support, cyber crime, and document forgeries. -- Extent to which ethnic, tribal, religious and regional fragmentation could serve to attract international terrorist groups. -- Evidence of transit and safe haven by transnational and regional terrorist groups. -- Vulnerability of populace to Islamic extremism. -- Evidence of domestic terrorist groups. -- Indications of funding from Gulf-based financiers or NGOs.

and, tangentially,

She also asked if the American diplomats had any intelligence on shipments of surface to air missiles (SAMs) to militants [...] one to three SAMs may have been shipped to Nigerian militant groups.

I swear, it was all fiction when I wrote it.


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