Official trip highlights

I maintain a Flickr set of all my very bestest pictures, and these are its entries from my latest wanderings. Click through to view large versions.

(Apologies for the repetition from previous posts, but it's handy to have 'em all in one place.) spooky-monk Spooky monk, Lalibela, Ethiopia. wall-grass Wall, Axum, Ethiopia. instructions-electriques Sign, Djibouti. salt-pearls Salt pearls, Djibouti. looming-mountains Salt field and volcanoes, Djibouti. the-salt-horizon Salt lake, Djibouti. gloriously-defiant Tree in lava field, Djibouti. pigeons-afoot Pigeons, Delhi. jantar-mantar-3 The Jantar Mantar, Delhi. in-the-pines-3 Pines, Van Vihar, Manali, India. lens-flare The Spiti Valley, India. dense-zoom Himalayan zoom, India. rocky-ridges Himalayan desert, India. jagged-land Stok La, Ladakh, India. night-skies Sunset, Ladakh, India. marine-drive Marine Drive, Mumbai.


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