I have not yet shot a man just to watch him die, but I am getting a little bored

To celebrate her completion of the California bar exam S. and I drove over the mountains for a weekend in Reno. Yesterday I ventured into the desert for a little day trip to a tiny town named Gerlach, which some of you may perhaps have heard of, or, who knows, even driven through. For reasons too convoluted and implausible to explain here I happen to have passed through it quite a number times in the past, but due to various factors I have never really had the opportunity to stop, look around, and take some pictures from the nearby roads. At least until now. photo-shadow No shit, there I was. gerlach-school Desert lions, I presume. playa-wafting Lonesome clouds drift over the Black Rock Desert... dusty-year ...where I suspect it's going to be a very dusty year. ever-onwards The road beckons onwards... pyramid-lake ...to startlingly gorgeous Pyramid Lake.


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Nick said…
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